The perfect gift for someone special.
Contains a long satin robe, satin cami set & satin pillowcase.


Comfortable and elegant satin sleepwear and pillow cases.

Why Satin?

Standard cotton pillowcases are moisture-sucking and cause friction, which can lead to significant hair damage. Satin pillowcases help to prevent breakage, frizzing and roughing of the cuticle on all hair textures and can help to prolong styles, whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. 

Not only do they wreak havoc on our hair, but our skin too. Resting on a smoother surface like satin will help reduce the appearance of sleep lines and the formation of wrinkles on your face. In addition, for those with acne, friction can cause lesions to open and spread bacteria to the pillowcase. Satin pillowcases are a beauty essential.

In our effort to empower South African women, all our garments are handmade with love by our local seamstresses.

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